Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Absolutely anything you feel sexy and comfortable in! Think of our shoot as a fun dress-up opportunity. Lingerie is of course classic, and a boudoir shoot gives you a fun chance to feel like a bombshell in that lace bodysuit you’ve been eyeing for months, the strappy corset that your partner will never in a million years figure out how to navigate, or the super sexy heels that you have no intention of actually walking around the city in but DAMN do they make your legs look good. Plus you get to leave on the lingerie longer than you would…ahem…under other circumstances.

However, if lacy lingerie isn’t your cup of tea there are PLENTY of other wardrobe options! Bras and undies, t-shirts or tank tops, robes, kimonos, cozy sweaters, thigh-high socks, or even fun costume pieces like pinup-style dresses or fantasy-inspired bodysuits are all fair game. Or, if all else fails, wear nothing at all! You are welcome to be as clothed or unclothed as you’re comfortable with, and you can always bring lots of options and we can choose from them together. The 90 minute shoot leaves time for up to 3-4 outfit options, so feel free to simply decide when you get there what you feel like playing around with that day.

What should I do for hair and makeup?

Again, the choice is entirely yours. Some people opt to get their hair and makeup done beforehand for a full professional glam look, and others opt for an entirely bare face and low-maintenance hair (and everything in between). It all depends on what kind of aesthetic you’re aiming for in your photos.

I don’t provide hair or makeup services on set, so if you’d like to have them done it’s best to arrange for that elsewhere before your shoot. Feel free to inquire with me about hair and makeup artist recommendations in your city — I know many very talented artists and would be thrilled to refer you to them.

I came across your work on Instagram, and I see that your page is filled with clients, many of whose faces are visible. Will my photos be shared on social media?

That is entirely up to you! When you book a shoot with me, you’ll sign a model release form where you can select your preferences about sharing your photos. You can opt to keep your photos completely private if you’d like, and your pictures will remain in the private, password-protected gallery that I deliver to you. You can also allow me to share photos on social media, but only anonymously with faces, tattoos, and other distinguishing marks cropped or edited out. If you’re okay with your photos being shared non-anonymously, you can even specify which images you’d like to be kept private (e.g. keeping nude or more exposed images private). Or, you can consent to any photos being shared on social media (always tastefully and never in violation of any platform’s community standards). The choice is entirely yours, and you should feel no pressure whatsoever to share more than you’re comfortable with. The goal of our shoot is for you to feel sexy and confident and free, and so I want you to have complete control over who gets to see your smokin’ hot photos.

I’m not super comfortable with or confident in my body. Should I still book a shoot?

Yes yes yes a thousand times YES! If you’re feeling like your body is not looking the way you wish it did, or you’re struggling to be comfortable in your skin, I think that’s actually the BEST time to do a boudoir shoot! Boudoir is an amazing way to take a step toward celebrating your body as it is now, and it helps you tap into all of your body’s power and beauty and sensuality without changing anything first. So many people come out of boudoir sessions with a newfound sense of confidence, sexiness, and love for their bodies no matter how they felt going into it. Think of boudoir as a tool to help you become more comfortable and confident in your body, not as something you have to earn by already feeling that way about yourself.

I feel awkward in front of a camera and have no idea how to pose, so I’m afraid I’m going to be bad at boudoir. Will you direct me?

Every step of the way! I give you plenty of direction during the shoot, and there is no need to study up on boudoir posing or memorize examples of it beforehand. I pinky promise that it will come so much more naturally than you think it will!

Boudoir is simultaneously about pushing yourself to explore something new and also getting in touch with an amazingly natural and honest part of yourself. It isn’t about being “good” at being sexy, it’s about opening yourself up to exploring your own body and your own inner world. There is no such thing as being bad at boudoir as long as you come into it with honesty, vulnerability, and presence.

Most boudoir subjects I see are women. I’m not a woman, but I’d still like to book a shoot. Can I do that?

Most definitely. Boudoir is for anyone of any gender, age, body type, orientation, etc. All you need to be is a person with a body and a readiness to explore and celebrate it!

Do you retouch the photos?

I do basic edits on all of your photos to ensure that the light, color, and overall visual impact of the pictures result in beautiful final images. I may also do minimal editing on your skin or body just to get rid of any rogue lipstick smudges, bruises, small blemishes, etc. None of my editing, however, alters what your body normally looks like. I do not do any edits to your face or body to change their fundamental appearance, such as removing cellulite, slimming curves, or smoothing wrinkles. Your shoot is an opportunity for you to embrace your body exactly as it is, and I do the same to it in my treatment of the images.

Where will we be shooting?

I hold my shoots in Airbnb’s, hotel rooms, or homes, and I arrange all of those details on my end so that all you have to do is show up. The locations vary, so I will be in touch with you about where your shoot will be held once it’s booked.

Do you do couples boudoir?

I do! Couples boudoir sessions work exactly the same as solo ones, I’ll just be working with two people and their natural relationship with one another rather than just with their own bodies. Couples boudoir is a fun and steamy adventure to have with your partner and a beautiful way to capture the intimacy that you have with one another. Plus the end result is always a SUPER hot memento of the way you feel about each other.

I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m nervous!!! Is that okay?

Absolutely. Nearly every client I work with walks in the door and says this. It’s completely and totally normal to come into your session with nerves or uncertainty! If I do my job well, that feeling will disappear quickly. Everyone begins their session with some jitters, but I have never had a client not be able to find a natural and comfortable rhythm VERY soon after we start! I view boudoir photography as an exercise in tapping into what is honest and authentically sensual within each person, and every single person can access that when given the space to do so.

How do I book a shoot?

Click here to contact me and get your session on the calendar! Let’s make some body magic.